N'idawa Jahl

Tribal, Ruins Diver, Discoverer, Curious, Up-beat.


A seeker of the sands, N'idawa enjoys her role in a traditional tribal lifestyle - with all of the comforts of modern life. She spends a lot of time in ruins, discovering things and getting herself into trouble. When she's not tail-deep in rubble, she favors hanging around Ul'dah and is also an avid people-watcher.

Art by ffxivtribehydrae.tumblr.com


She often finds lost items, antiques and ancient trinkets. Maybe she found something that was yours? Or something you'd like to buy.Maybe your character fell into a ruin she happens to be in.She is very sociable, and often walks up to people she deems to be interesting at a glance. Also very walk-up friendly. She takes on work, but is typically not motivated by gil; she wants excitement! Soft criminal encounters. She's good at stealing, with ooc consent first!


Age: 22Nicknames: Ida, Idawa, Dawa Orientation: Bisexual, Polyamorous.Marital Status: Open RelationshipResidence: The GobletPrefers alcoholic drinks with cherries involvedIs a big fan of aldgoat steaks Keeps her hair braided, usually.Fit and built for an active lifestyle


Relations are an ever evolving thing. Not always entirely up to date.

Icon Definitions:
♥ - Romantic Interest | ♡ - Physical Attraction | ♦ - Friend | ? - Unsure/Hidden | ✓ - Business Relation | ⧖ - Lost Connection

N'khai Nunh - Leader of the Goats - ♥

N'idawa was born into the tribe that N'khai came to lead, and after a number of cycles spent away from the tribe - both for the purposes of training, but also in defiance - she returned to plead for her place back in the tribe. Thankfully, this was granted. N'idawa is enthused with N'khai, she finds him to be a fair and caring leader and would hate to see him replaced.

Related Aquaintances: N'ilhi Shaihl, N'ahlex Shaihl

Xev'tan Tatsae - Secret Boss - ✓ ♡

Him. Xev'tan. The wet cat from the cave. The guy who just so happened to have an airship. And a crew. The guy who appeals to Idawa's curiousity in the worst possible way. He has become her latest target for repeated petty theft, occasionally with candy appearing in the place of stuff. She's going to have a great time annoying the living tits out of the whole crew.

Related Aquaintances: Cheche Dotharl

Garret Ironer - Crew - ✓

As a part of Xev's crew, it's inevitable that Idawa would eventually meet Garret. She survived their first encounter without being shot, and is reasonably sure she can bribe the grumpy highlander with candy.

Sun'ra Zhawn - Crew - ✓

Yet another member of Xev'tans crew.
N'idawa hasn't spent much time around Sun'ra, and she doesn't quite know what to think about him, so she doesn't.

Caelrin Morra - Stranger Danger - ♡

Caelrin is one of N'idawas newest aquaintances.
After successfully luring her away from her box at the promise of buying both one of her trinkets and drinks, they proceeded to have an interesting conversation. At the Levinfist Tournament, they ended up getting ambushed and fought side-by-side, which she is very thankful for.

W'mahji Tia - Future Nunh of the Wolves- ♡ ♦

Mahji and N'idawa met through the Harmony initiative that seeks to bring Seeker tribes closer together, for trade and the likes. She took well to him almost immediately, and has since been on a few adventures and a great many social outings with him or where he also happened to be.

Related Aquaintances: W'lefay Sheqa, Additional Wolves

Rekuta Persephone - "Red"

Fight on first sight, is how one could describe this variety of a "friend" that N'idawa has acquired. She's always going to throw something at him, as a perpetual vengeance for throwing her around!

Noah Kelten - Magic Man - ⧖

Noah is a bit of a miracle worker to N'idawa. Frequently the subject of her trying to figure out how to open magically sealed boxes, testing amulents for residue, everything you might need when diving into ruins to retrieve old secrets.

Athil Thorne - Butt - ♦

N'idawa first met Athil in a bar. She tried to pickpocket him for a few gil, which resulted in her accidentally having a drink spilled over her. Embarrased - though successful - she made for the exit, only to be pursued by Athil, who made promise to do good on the damage to her top. She reluctantly accepted, and spent a number of moons feeling guilty that she'd tricked gil away from someone who eventually became her friend. Until he confessed he knew all along.

Chagha'an Oronir - Tall Friend - ♦

Chagha'an can best be described as a friend who simply arrived. She enjoys spending time with him and learning about cultures that are vastly different, and yet familiar.


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Fighting style & training

N'idawa, being in the start of her twenties, is only just entering her own age of enlightenment.
After spending ~3 years in Limsa Lominsa taking up various bladeskills combined with getting to know her limits, she has now returned to her tribe and is pursuing training in the tribe's old ways.

Her fighting style is inspired by what one might associate with a rogue or a ninja, and centers around combining agility with aether. The style is not intended to mimick any known playable class or job, and as such will not strictly follow lore from such. The intention is to stick within a sense of realism, however.

N'idawa is blessed with a strong core of Aether, and as such is able to pull on it as a resource for movement and spellcasting. She is of an agile, medium-strong build with a tendency to be quick and endurant, and she wears armor that supports that.

AethershiftHighMasteredAllows N'idawa to shift the manifestation of her body at a rapid rate, leaving her to be neither here nor there at the same time. She can move whilst maintaining this, but can't stand still for more than five seconds.
BlinkMediumTrainedAllows N'idawa to move several feet ahead, either mid-step or mid-jump. She needs to be able to see where she wants to go. Sometimes misfires.
Magicked ProjectileHighBeginnerAllows N'idawa to shape a rounded manifestation of aspected aether. She can keep it summoned for long, but is little more than a glorified illumination torch at the current stage.
??????Not LearnedWho knows what's up next. She sure doesn't!